Modoflex – Workshop furniture

Rely on us for the furnishing of your workshop!

The workshop furniture is an essential element in a modern motorcycle service and repair facility. If you are looking for an ideal partner to share with and develop your ideas and your vision of a functional and modern workshop, all you have to do is contact us!

Modoflex is the one for you! From the design to the creation of special parts, customized shapes that follow the perimeter of your workshop: every detail is transformed from a simple idea to a finished product assembled on site.

If you are looking for a company that produces modular furniture for motorcycle workshops, do not hesitate to contact us! In our company you will find: work benches, tool panels, cabinets, drawer units and many other accessories.



A perfect arrangement of spaces

Benches and modules

The solutions we propose are characterized by great robustness and versatility and can be easily transformed into multifunctional workstations with the addition of modules and wall units and various accessories. We have different models available that can satisfy every particular need.

Drawer unit tools

To carry out repairs in a workmanlike manner, optimizing time and costs, each workshop must have and above all use the right equipment. Therefore Bike-Lift Europe offer all professional mechanics the best modular supplies in the sector.

Tool-holding wall panels and accessories

Every day we strive to ensure that our tool-holding wall panels are suitable for everyday use; to achieve this goal we provide high quality and safety standards, as well as all the accessories in our range.

Wall cabinets

The wall cabinets complement the workshop furniture wherever one or more work benches are already present. In this way, it is possible to use the free space on the wall in a targeted manner as an additional storage space for tools and set up the workshop more efficiently.

Parts washer

Thanks to our parts washers, cleaning has never been so fast and effective. We offer a wide range of professional cleaning machines designed and created specifically to wash mechanical parts of various sizes and with different washing processes.


Thanks to our consolidated experience in modular and multifunctional workshop furniture, we have developed a large cabinet that offers a very large space for storing spare parts and equipment. It is ideal for closing an equipped wall and to be combined with wall cabinets.

As much as car workshops, motorcycle workshops also need a perfect arrangement of spaces to considerably improve the quality of work.
Not only that: a careful spatial study, the precise location of equipment, tools and furniture, the design of open spaces are absolutely fundamental requirements also to speed up operations, make them more fluid and easier to perform.
For the design and production of furniture for your workshop, do not hesitate to contact us.



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