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Even if the accessories and tools for the workshop all look the same, their quality really makes a difference while you work. Only the best products allow you to work smoothly, and last over time. To be able to carry out each intervention comfortably, choose from the best lifts, stands and furniture we offer.
Mainly aimed at the production and sale of specialized professional equipment for motorcycles and racing motorbikes, we place ourselves as a leading company in the sector, both in Italy and in the rest of the world.

All the racing products we supply, whether it’s furniture or equipment, are made with strict criteria in order to ensure the best technical efficiency in an extreme environment such as racing.
Our service is directed at Racing Teams of all classes and levels. Are you part of a Racing Team? Contact us to request the supply of our products.



The importance of the equipment quality

Like any self-respecting workshop, it must be set up with the best equipment: only in this way can you be sure to carry out any small job on the bike safely and correctly.

Our company offers the best tools on the market, the most appropriate furniture for setting up the racing box and a very wide range of products, so that each team can evaluate the choice of what is really necessary.

Whenever you find yourself having to choose new tools for your racing box, there are three important factors to consider:

  • The equipment quality: it is good to dwell on the technical details and compare different models before choosing the one that best suits you
  • Safety: a determining factor for both you and your work
  • Compatibility with other equipment already present in your workshop

To achieve a professional result for each intervention, therefore, the quality of the equipment to be used is essential: our company guarantees excellent results in terms of long-term performance and quality of the work carried out.

All the equipment we supply is approved and certified according to the quality management system, in order to work in complete safety and with the certainty of handling a tangible quality product.
Each item in the racing range is designed to carry out any type of intervention, in a precise and adequate manner.

We design and manufacture different models of equipment, so that they are best suited to the individual needs of the final customer.

The experience given by our long presence in the sector enables us to ensure the client competence and professionalism. Our management policy is aimed at a total customer satisfaction by providing a package of services as complete as possible.

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