Sale and customisation of motorbike stands

Motorbike stands are, essentially, solid metal supports whose function is to support and hold motorbikes perpendicular to the support surface and with the wheels raised off the ground. This is the case, for example, with racing motorbikes and road models belonging to certain segments such as naked, superbikes, enduro, motocross, trial etc.

The Italian appellation “alzamoto” (i.e. with the function of lifting the motorbike) added to the term stand indicates another important function for this type of support, namely that of allowing one or both wheels of the vehicle to be lifted off the ground. This means that users, whether professionals or private individuals who intend to carry out maintenance work on their own motorbike, can remove some important parts that would otherwise be impossible to remove in full autonomy or preserve the tyres during the long winter break.

Whether a centre stand, rear or front wheel stand, custom or universal, contact us for the supply of your stand! We have been working in this sector for years and are involved in the production and sale of professional motorbike stands. We operate throughout Italy and abroad.



Different types of stands

Our range includes different types of stands, each with its own specific features.

  • Motocross/enduro stand: suitable for enduro, motocross and supermotard, this stand supports the vehicle under the engine/frame and raises it by means of a leverage system operated by a special lever.
  • Front stand: this allows the front wheel (or front end) of the motorbike to be lifted and can be of the under-fork or headstock type. Unlike the former, the latter is generally adjustable in height. Both come with accessories that make them adaptable to any type of road motorcycle.
  • Rear stand: raises the rear wheel of the motorbike off the ground and is available in two main versions: for single-sided swingarms and for normal swingarms. For the latter, there are other two distinctions: stands with a V-shaped adapter, that can be used by installing the appropriate pawls in the swingarm or stands with a universal adapter. Both are generally adjustable in width.
  • Centre stand: allows the front, rear (or both) to be raised with the aid of an adapter that is positioned on the sides of the engine, or in some cases is of the through-axle type.

Stands are also useful for maintaining the geometric characteristics of tyres over time. During long periods of standstill, tyres tend to deform due to the constant action of the vehicle’s weight. Motorbike stands help to safeguard the structure of the tyres and thus make them last longer.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our products.



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